Monday, 8 February 2010

ooops! forgot to blog!

HOW slack have I been?
Bloody slack!
1st post since July!
One day I may stick at something.....

So Update , update, update!
Todays thingie is maplar!
Made from the cover of a steampunk book i found on deviantart!
Prehaps one day I will use real material for clothing inspiration... nah bollox to that!

SHOULD add a what i ahve done while i have not been a good blogger so will wack up some other' i made this' images!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


After a day of redoing, reboxing and sorting out old hairs is nice to finally not be looking at wigs to box and sorting the relevant hair textures!
So decided to reward me lovely update groupers with a box of exclusive items, 2 u-neek logo picture tshirts and an evil intent one i made for a rp pop band thing that never took off so the shirts were not used!
Maybe its a day to shop and relax before i plow into photoshop with another load of photos of things im yet to add!
Made some very weird socks too:S

Monday, 6 July 2009

Tidying and Sorting!

Today is get all the stuff i been putting off done day!
The mens jeans are finally out! ( I say mens jeans but they are a little less arse crack showing than the ladies ones!)
With a little added bonus of another blue cross dollarbie box with exclusive shop only pair of blue/green coloured jeans plus some of my more offensive slogan tshirts!

Sunday, 5 July 2009


So after a lot of harassing and a few *get with the times ya old fart* i is bloggin!
Not sure what i will as i am a jack of all trades and a master of none in a vertual world where everyone seems to be an expert at something, or at least they think they are!
I iz a master of wtf, doing ya own thing, dancing to ya own drum, throwing caution to the wind and making stuff i like for me.............. if ya happen to like it, all well and good, if not, then i really dont care!
My stuff is mine, hand made, hand textured, linked, bitted and botched,pasted and glued, with luck, hope and a prayer from things i thought of 5 years ago with something i've found on sxc 10 seconds ago!Or there abouts!
My punctuation sucks, my typonese is rife and the urge not to write how i talk (with alot of english colourful swearwords) will be a challenge!
So will 'av a go'
Add some stuff and see what happens!